Karen Truesdale


Spiritual Guidance on how to manage day to day

on the Path of Awakening…

There are more and more of us going through the dark night of the soul and waking up. We are waking up to the truth of who we are, and beginning on a path that is at times very challenging, and at times very rewarding. If you experience any type of trauma or life changing event, this could propel you into your dark night. Karen is an intuitive who communicates with and channels a group of her spirit guides that call themselves The Triumvirate. She has been through her own dark night/s, and has had many experiences that started in 2008. Together they offer their help and guidance at managing the day-to-day while on this path of awakening. The Triumvirate teaches us to see things in a new way, becoming adept at handling life’s situations while on the path, and creating and manifesting from a place of knowing and being one with the All That Is.

If you are interested in a personal message from The Triumvirate

or a private session, please contact Karen via her email.