Catacombs of the Mind!

I recently received a message from my guides stating that “ there are catacombs that exist within the mind that are stationary, in that they are commandeering what is known as the ego-self. Within these catacombs are frequencies that emit out into the universe. In doing so they create thought systems that need to be eradicated. It is possible to freeze frame these thoughts with more awareness”.

I love the language that my guides use. I have an idea of what they meant by catacombs,, but I looked up the definition and here it is. “Catacombs are “human-made” subterranean passageways for religious practice, usually consisting of tunnels and rooms with recesses cut out for coffins and tombs. An underground passageway, filled with twists and turns.”

So we are creating these catacombs with all our “human-made” thoughts that are being stored and sent out into the universe, out into the collective consciousness. Without an awareness of negative and hurtful thoughts, they are able to exist and be manifest. Our thoughts are very powerful.

The way we can eradicate them is to change our perception. To raise our vibration and our frequency from the ego to love. Shift our thoughts from our mind to our heart. It’s not always easy and takes healing and practice. Our negative thoughts are borne from all the conditioning we have stored and all the hurt we have taken on. Most of it isn’t even yours! It still exists from past lives and our ancestors. It lives within our DNA.

It takes an awakening to see all this for what it really is. An awakening to a remembering of who we are. We are eternal powerful spirit beings currently in human flesh. We are here to have this human experience on earth to grow and evolve. From the moment we are born we are told who we are, what we are, what we should do, what we need to do, what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad, and so on. This is all a construct of the human collective consciousness.

Once we all wake up and let go of the programming, pause and reflect on our thoughts and our feelings, we can start to change the world. Imagine if everyone came from love and understanding? Not enabling or permissiveness, or anything like that, but understanding that we are all one. We are all here playing out a role to experience what we are meant to experience and grow from. So instead of having a negative thought about yourself or someone else, try looking at it from a higher perspective. They are a soul and we are all connected.

As stated by my guides, “just as when you carve something in stone, readjust the vision to one of spaciousness. Rather than being a factory churning out thoughts, remember that silence is golden.”

It can feel daunting to make this shift, so start where you can. Start with not sending out hateful thoughts when something annoys you or when you get mad at yourself. See the behavior or situation and pause. “Okay, I see this. and I choose to accept and/or forgive it, and move on with grace”.

Trust me, you will feel so much better. And so will everyone else.

No Blame, No Bad

“Pennies from Heaven, make me smile, Up above the sky so high, see you in a while.”

No blame, no bad, even at ourselves. No right or wrong. You don’t have to fix it, just face it. Source and your soul will do the rest. Ultimately you have to face your fear to see the truth. When we’re not looking inside ourselves, something has to happen to make us see.

Yes, things that happen to us are part of our creation. We invite things in such as parasites, and entities due to emotions and behaviors that we have. Anger, worry, fear, etc. These entities attach to these lower energies that we are displaying. We should not be mad at ourselves once we realize this. We are experiencing these as part of the collective conscious, and from past lives. Also, from the conditioning and mind manipulation forced on us in this lifetime from our parents, family, friends, and society. So don’t feel bad , or stupid, or less than.

Once you realize the truth of what is happening, don’t run and don’t ignore. Acknowledge the emotions, work through them and forgive. Take your power back. No longer let any lower or negative emotions attach or take over. You are the master. You are a sovereign being. You are in charge.

As you experience the different stages of awakening, don’t be afraid. I know this is easier said than done and you may need to take baby steps and that’s okay. It was a real process for me. Everyday a new level of understanding. I would think “oh, I get this fear thing now” and then days, weeks, months later, a new understanding of the fear would appear.

You may receive lots of information in your sleep and meditations. Alot of it won’t make sense, or might try and scare you, and some will be helpful and loving. Even with this information you receive, you will have different levels of understanding as you go. What you once thought something meant, evolves into a different meaning with more depth as you grow in the process.

Years ago I received so much that was dark and scary. I had no idea what was happening to me. I would wake up and be terrified. Heart beating, every fiber of my being electrified. I would take deep breaths and turn on the tv for comfort. I started falling asleep to guided meditations that I had found to be soothing and healing. Even if you fall asleep during these meditations, they work on your subconscious level.

I am here with an open mind, an open heart , no judgement and lots to share. I am highly intuitive and through my experience and research I am equipped to help guide you, along with my guides, through this process.

We are each on a unique and individual path to freedom. Freedom from the ego and freedom from what no longer serves us.

The Sandbox

A group of mothers/fathers meet at the park with their little ones. They place their children on the grass directly in front of them, allowing them to play with the other children. The keep a watchful eye and call out to the children here and there as needed, making sure they know they are there. The children are happy to be with each other and are laughing and sharing their toys.

After a time of playing, the children spot a sandbox a little further away in the park. With gleeful looks exchanged, they agree to wander off to the sandbox where they will not be directly under the watchful gaze of their parents.

Now the parents are busy talking together and more at ease after having watched their children play together for a time. One by one the children make their way to the sandbox to join the others, separating themselves from the safety and loving attention of their mother/father. They want to try “playing on their own”.

Within a short time in the sandbox, some of the children start throwing sand at the other children and they begin to fight. Some of them start to cry and some are afraid and start frantically looking around for their parents to come save them. The parents are still talking together. A few of the parents had noticed them over in the sandbox and decided to allow them this independence while still keeping an eye on them.

The tranquil peaceful playfulness is now replaced by selfishness, crying and fear.

The parents can see them from where they are sitting. They love their children unconditionally, and know that their children will make their way back to them.

FEAR...Our Biggest Obstacle

One of the biggest challenges you’ll go through on the path is overcoming fear. Particularly fear of the unknown. I have taken several leaps of faith in the past few years and I can say that All is Well. But things will not go exactly as you think they will. It’s not bad or good, just not what you thought.

There are certain leaps of faith that have been easier for me to take. What seems easier for one may not seem so easy for another. For instance, I have left the security of a job with no other monies coming in. More than once. Most people would say that’s a crazy thing to do. But some of us believe it’s crazy to stay tied to something that is not congruent with your soul, just to get a paycheck. I understand that many of us have responsibilities beyond ourselves that keep us there…kids, financial obligations, etc. Believe me, I do get it. But let me see if I can explain something that my guides told me.

When we repeat patterns and we stay in the same paradigm (whatever that might be), we are in essence driving and controlling the situation. Now, Source is always lining things up for us with the best possible outcome. When we interrupt this flow of what is being lined up by taking the wheel and taking that job, or starting that relationship, we get in the way of what was in store for us. I know it’s really hard to wait and go with the flow. It’s close to impossible to be okay with not knowing what is next. Fear is always our biggest obstacle. But if you can master the fear and ego, rather than letting them master you, you will see the beauty unfold.

A great analogy is that of walking into a pitch dark space with only a flashlight. You turn on the flashlight and you can see what is visible within that ray of light. This is what we can see in our now reality. But then the lights turn on and it’s a huge space with all other possibilities that you could not see. This is where our trust in the Universe, in our higher self, comes in.

Something we all need to be careful of is Magical Thinking. I struggle with this sometimes. Discerning what is faith and allowing, and what is magical thinking. Source would never advise to just “quit your job”. We all have created the situations we are in and the repercussions that come from past decisions. But when you wake up, you can start to co-create along with the Universe, improving the situations you are in, and begin creating a new life. This will look very different to each person. Maybe you can’t physically change things but you can change your perspective…how you look at things. Everything is here to help us grow…for our soul to stretch and evolve.

During the height of my Dark Night of the Soul, I experienced immense darkness and fear. It permeated me, went everywhere with me. It was a sensation that encompassed me. I had never felt this depth of fear before. To me, this is when the dark gets exposed to the light. We have been living with our fear and our ego running the show. When this gets exposed its an overwhelming experience. I’m sure many of you have experienced this and know what I mean.

Until we wake up, fear is in every decision in tons of different ways. We fear what someone will think of us, we fear that someone will get the better of us, we fear embarrassment, we fear losing control, we fear outcomes, we fear getting sick, we fear getting older, we fear people dying, we fear not being able to get another job, we fear not being able to make money, we fear not being in a relationship, we fear being alone, we fear our neighbors, we fear being taken advantage of, we fear success, we fear failure, we fear being loved, we fear not being loved, we fear intimacy, we fear not having power, we fear using our power.

This fear comes from all the conditioning. Years and lifetimes of conditioning. Being told by others who we are, how things work, what we “have” to do, what we should be afraid of.

I’m not saying to go hogwild. This is a process, a journey. The big secret key is to go inside and consult your higher self, your guidance…the “unseen forces”. It is all within us. I know it can be hard to sit and just be. We are a society of doers. And I will also say that as important as listening to your own guidance is, don’t put pressure on yourself. You are being guided by your soul and when you are ready you will be ready. Don’t compare yourself to others. We are all in this together, and we are all helping each other by doing our own healing and our own work within a timeframe that is meant for us.

Even as our consciousness expands, we are all still going to deal with human life challenges. Again, this is all part of soul growth. But as you expand, things become a little easier to manage. You will find yourself not getting as riled up and going right in to fear. You will observe what is happening, consult your guidance and see how it unfolds. My guides also told me “stop reaching for what isn’t there, tackle things as they come.” We will all have enough to manage without creating stories and what if’s. Stay present, stay in the now moment.

Remember, you are not alone and don’t be hard on yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so they say. The hardest thing you’ll ever do is untangle yourself from this matrix. But the pain is in the gain. Keep at it and know that your spiritual team is with you always and always at work for you. One of the first things I heard my guides say when I started meditating was “step aside”. Get out of your own way. Allow the process to unfold.