Catacombs of the Mind!

I recently received a message from my guides stating that “ there are catacombs that exist within the mind that are stationary, in that they are commandeering what is known as the ego-self. Within these catacombs are frequencies that emit out into the universe. In doing so they create thought systems that need to be eradicated. It is possible to freeze frame these thoughts with more awareness”.

I love the language that my guides use. I have an idea of what they meant by catacombs,, but I looked up the definition and here it is. “Catacombs are “human-made” subterranean passageways for religious practice, usually consisting of tunnels and rooms with recesses cut out for coffins and tombs. An underground passageway, filled with twists and turns.”

So we are creating these catacombs with all our “human-made” thoughts that are being stored and sent out into the universe, out into the collective consciousness. Without an awareness of negative and hurtful thoughts, they are able to exist and be manifest. Our thoughts are very powerful.

The way we can eradicate them is to change our perception. To raise our vibration and our frequency from the ego to love. Shift our thoughts from our mind to our heart. It’s not always easy and takes healing and practice. Our negative thoughts are borne from all the conditioning we have stored and all the hurt we have taken on. Most of it isn’t even yours! It still exists from past lives and our ancestors. It lives within our DNA.

It takes an awakening to see all this for what it really is. An awakening to a remembering of who we are. We are eternal powerful spirit beings currently in human flesh. We are here to have this human experience on earth to grow and evolve. From the moment we are born we are told who we are, what we are, what we should do, what we need to do, what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is bad, and so on. This is all a construct of the human collective consciousness.

Once we all wake up and let go of the programming, pause and reflect on our thoughts and our feelings, we can start to change the world. Imagine if everyone came from love and understanding? Not enabling or permissiveness, or anything like that, but understanding that we are all one. We are all here playing out a role to experience what we are meant to experience and grow from. So instead of having a negative thought about yourself or someone else, try looking at it from a higher perspective. They are a soul and we are all connected.

As stated by my guides, “just as when you carve something in stone, readjust the vision to one of spaciousness. Rather than being a factory churning out thoughts, remember that silence is golden.”

It can feel daunting to make this shift, so start where you can. Start with not sending out hateful thoughts when something annoys you or when you get mad at yourself. See the behavior or situation and pause. “Okay, I see this. and I choose to accept and/or forgive it, and move on with grace”.

Trust me, you will feel so much better. And so will everyone else.