The Sandbox

A group of mothers/fathers meet at the park with their little ones. They place their children on the grass directly in front of them, allowing them to play with the other children. The keep a watchful eye and call out to the children here and there as needed, making sure they know they are there. The children are happy to be with each other and are laughing and sharing their toys.

After a time of playing, the children spot a sandbox a little further away in the park. With gleeful looks exchanged, they agree to wander off to the sandbox where they will not be directly under the watchful gaze of their parents.

Now the parents are busy talking together and more at ease after having watched their children play together for a time. One by one the children make their way to the sandbox to join the others, separating themselves from the safety and loving attention of their mother/father. They want to try “playing on their own”.

Within a short time in the sandbox, some of the children start throwing sand at the other children and they begin to fight. Some of them start to cry and some are afraid and start frantically looking around for their parents to come save them. The parents are still talking together. A few of the parents had noticed them over in the sandbox and decided to allow them this independence while still keeping an eye on them.

The tranquil peaceful playfulness is now replaced by selfishness, crying and fear.

The parents can see them from where they are sitting. They love their children unconditionally, and know that their children will make their way back to them.