No Blame, No Bad

“Pennies from Heaven, make me smile, Up above the sky so high, see you in a while.”

No blame, no bad, even at ourselves. No right or wrong. You don’t have to fix it, just face it. Source and your soul will do the rest. Ultimately you have to face your fear to see the truth. When we’re not looking inside ourselves, something has to happen to make us see.

Yes, things that happen to us are part of our creation. We invite things in such as parasites, and entities due to emotions and behaviors that we have. Anger, worry, fear, etc. These entities attach to these lower energies that we are displaying. We should not be mad at ourselves once we realize this. We are experiencing these as part of the collective conscious, and from past lives. Also, from the conditioning and mind manipulation forced on us in this lifetime from our parents, family, friends, and society. So don’t feel bad , or stupid, or less than.

Once you realize the truth of what is happening, don’t run and don’t ignore. Acknowledge the emotions, work through them and forgive. Take your power back. No longer let any lower or negative emotions attach or take over. You are the master. You are a sovereign being. You are in charge.

As you experience the different stages of awakening, don’t be afraid. I know this is easier said than done and you may need to take baby steps and that’s okay. It was a real process for me. Everyday a new level of understanding. I would think “oh, I get this fear thing now” and then days, weeks, months later, a new understanding of the fear would appear.

You may receive lots of information in your sleep and meditations. Alot of it won’t make sense, or might try and scare you, and some will be helpful and loving. Even with this information you receive, you will have different levels of understanding as you go. What you once thought something meant, evolves into a different meaning with more depth as you grow in the process.

Years ago I received so much that was dark and scary. I had no idea what was happening to me. I would wake up and be terrified. Heart beating, every fiber of my being electrified. I would take deep breaths and turn on the tv for comfort. I started falling asleep to guided meditations that I had found to be soothing and healing. Even if you fall asleep during these meditations, they work on your subconscious level.

I am here with an open mind, an open heart , no judgement and lots to share. I am highly intuitive and through my experience and research I am equipped to help guide you, along with my guides, through this process.

We are each on a unique and individual path to freedom. Freedom from the ego and freedom from what no longer serves us.