Building Bridges in the Matrix

Forward movement is making way for the new. To be one with the Universe, one must unfold their true self. Immeasurable contrast exists within the structure of humanity.

Step outside the box. Be fearless among those who try to hurt you. Focus on the positive. Build structures that support Unity. See the bigger picture. Broaden your horizons.

Find peace within. Mortal beings are out to destroy the planet. Millions upon millions thrusting their way through the matrix of time and thought, seemingly useless, hopeless. (Fanciful thoughts on what might be). Creation begets creation. Mastery is the key.

There is too much resistance on the planet. Forces of destruction are manifesting from fear.

Freedom exists within oneself. Exposure to negativity weakens one’s resolve. Injustice exists on the planet due to an immeasurable amount of instability and lack of focus, draining resources.

We build bridges in the matrix, honoring All.

Triumvirate we are,

Triumvirate we will be,

forever more

fighting for justice

worlds apart

floating in space.