Making Your Way to a New Future

Duty bound, you make your way through the day, place to go, people to see, unaware of the possibilities around you at all times. You face the day begrudgingly as if it wasn’t of your own making. You pride yourself on making a good living and paying the bills. You step off into a state of being that is constantly hell-bent on perfecting what is already perfect. Perhaps you find yourself in a quandary of one type or another that keeps you off balance and peace evades you. Stop here now and follow these instructions. Begin with counting your blessings and knowing that all is being prepared for you in ways that are beyond your comprehension. Forgive any and all misgivings that put you in this predicament.

As you push forward into an unknown, be present in your thinking. Deluding oneself can be a dangerous thing. Too much time spent in magical thinking can weaken one’s resolve to manifest what they need. Frequently there are too many failures along the way due to erroneous thought systems. To turn this around, one only needs to maintain a sense of equilibrium to balance the instability of the time.

To find one’s place in the world, one can look no further than where he is. To build upon this state of being is to bring to attention All That Is. Tap into the resources that are available to you. Seek out what works for you. In the grand scheme of things, all must be in agreement for what’s too manifest. To illustrate this point imagine you are somewhere you wish that you were not. Now imagine where you think you want to be. By believing it is better elsewhere, you put yourself in an untenable situation that is of your making. It is all a construct of the mind. One need not change one’s location for it is not the location that holds the answer. The answer is within you. For permanent change to occur one must seek the infinite in All That Is. By doing so you create a field of possibility.

By being one with All That Is, you are escalating a process in which you are the creator, and you alone determine the direction that will ultimately lead you towards what has been lined up for you. Focusing on one direction only can ultimately fail due to striving to accomplish more of what you think you need and not what is being sent your way.

By maintaining an open field in your consciousness, you can create from an infinite array of possibilities.