Starting on the Path

How can one manage the challenges of starting on the path and pursuing Oneness with the Universe? For it is now when one hears the call that it is crucial in becoming One with All That Is. That said, rest assured that all things are possible when one opens up to becoming timeless in the infinity.

Frequently it is stated, that all opposing views are manifested by thought forms vying for one’s attention, and policing one’s thoughts can be intimidating to say the least. We assure you there are ways that we can teach you to help you avoid missteps along the way. To perfect this ability, it is of utmost importance to be available to hear the instruction, and place yourself in a better position to ascertain thought forms that are to serve you, and those that do not. 

Sit quietly in contemplation letting the flow of thoughts move through you to the silence within. In that silence you will find peace and tranquility and make your way to envisioning a better way, a better you. 

Wipe the slate clean. Forgive and forget. Muster the courage to engage with thought forms of energy that are beckoning you to step into new fields of possibility that will foster changes that need to be made within yourself. Take the time, and make the effort to plant the seeds, water the garden, harvest the crop.  Be willing to withstand the pressure, knowing that all is making its way to you. Strengthen your resolve, and don’t be afraid of the twists and turns you will face, as they are mere perceptions of reality that don’t exist in any real time or fashion and are there to take you to the next step. 

What you do in this lifetime is for the souls evolution and for making way to new territory on the evolutionary wheel. Simply stated, stake a claim in that which has purpose, for now is the time to follow the truth that we are all on the evolution wheel, so make the best of every moment, starting with now.