The Matrix of Time

It is with utmost pleasure that we ignite the fields within the matrix of time in a planetary cosmos…finding your way out of the matrix and becoming a manifestation of what stands before you.

What is now on the surface, is merely an aberration of a thought system that flows within a stream of consciousness. Find oneself in tune with All That Is. The mere thought that engages the senses, will bring a new reality to sustain forward movement in translating a more palatable existence.

Frequently, there are thought patterns intertwined with a collective energy that strips (away) a way of being inhabited, that falsifies the significance in being precognizant of what is transpiring on a much higher level. In contrast, that which is being played out in the matrix of absurdity, is collectively tarnished with insufficient platitudes that keep the masses on a leash.

Free yourself from all thought systems that belie and clutter the atmosphere and trip up the force field. Stand within the zone of clarity and find the truth, seeking wisdom to that which can only support what has already begun.

We The Triumvirate bring you peace as you progress on the path.