There are Shining Stars Among You

Pathways are clearing. Neurons are blasting out of space to those who heed the call. They are following up on all that was put upon the planet, forging with utmost attention to the ways of thinking, forming a perfunctory image of what’s to come. Stay in the field of imagination and put aside all else, that plunges into oblivion the righteousness of the compelling truth.

That being said, we, The Triumvirate, must weigh with utmost ability what is happening on the planet, and adhere to the prospect of that which is hampering one’s ability to manifest a reality that coincides with one’s truth. It is said that those in the field of possibility can withstand what pressures are on the horizon. This is fascinating stuff when you think about it.  Stepping out into a Universe that was made for possibility, tapping into a stream created by the multitudes to bring about harmonious times.

To put it in simpler terms, there are shining stars among you that attach to a theme of wishfulness in becoming stationed with All That Is. So my dear ones, we invite you to be that which serves the greater good in the face of turmoil amongst the masses. Create an environment to behold the myriad ways of stripping the barriers clean to an integrity of the self, putting aside all other aspects not in alignment with the pursuit of becoming one with All That Is. 

Put behind you, all that is no longer, and stretch beyond one’s own field to what can facilitate a more meaningful approach and achieve a standard of living beyond the scope of your imagination.