Penny for Your Thoughts

Hierarchical changes come amidst the chaos. Hero-worshipping those that climb the ranks of the undeserved, incapable of completing their mission here on earth. So what is to become of the masses and their time to shine?

Falsehoods and derisions are marked by incompetence leading to faulty outcomes. One need not feel inclined to support that which is of no real consequence. Simply uttering obtuse sentences can in no way bring about the change that is needed. 

Switching existing powers can be a tactic, but is by no means a valuable countenance.

Short-changed, the masses will continue to deplete rather than surrender.

Common ground is being fortified to enrich one’s standing in the Universe. 

Toppling over debates on whether or not to measure that which is on the way to becoming stalwart in the knowing that capitalists are endangering the future of the many. 

Freedom reigns beyond the halls of justice. So much conniving to what aim? It is steeped in immeasurable costs to the planet.

Remain vigilant to that which can sustain you. Your inner beingness allows for a more significant range of capacity to becoming what will offer a more propitious time. Stand within the Glory of God and stop at nothing to maintain the flow of certainty that is now your currency. 

Trapped in the illusion of a non-reality, feeding off these disruptive times, it is now that we tip the scales to balance what has been lost, to find a semblance of mature thought, engaging a thought system that will promote a systematic approach in these uncertain times. Be certain of one’s connection to All That Is and stay the course of what is becoming a battleground for peace.

We urge you on, all of you, to engage within your entirety in promoting new earth sensibilities. Stand with those that are coming forward to be the beacons of light. Restore that which is to build on a new approach, that is within all of you, to create fields of brilliance that are unfolding before you.

For now, believe, and function within a new matrix of time to understand the pressure of becoming one with All That Is. 

We The Triumvirate stand with you and are creating a flow beckoning you forward to become that force field of oneness, engaging in the possibilities of a magnitude that is far reaching. 

It is now that one heeds the call and brings about the change within and without, and have no doubt, we are circling among you forever by your side. 

Inspire. Create. Stop at nothing.

Peace is within one’s reach, take hold of it.