The Time Is Now

In times such as these one faces a staggering amount of do’s and don’ts that wind up creating more of what is not wanted. For instance, what is the point of  acquiring more and more of what is not needed? How can one step into a freedom of existence by tethering oneself to material assets?

It will become known to each of you that by suspending your belief in All That Is, you are cutting off that which would sustain you. We are not talking just financially, but your soul depends on that which creates a more meaningful existence. Don’t be surprised if what you thought was sustaining you is no longer an adequate means to one’s fulfillment and happiness.

You have forgotten all that you are, and make no bones about it, you are capable of much more than you imagine. In picking up the pieces of what you have made thus far, you can begin by focusing on creating a more substantial inner being, and producing from that a solid foundation.

Incorporate ways of harmonizing to what is congruent with how you are stepping into a new manifestation of one’s higher beingness. Stand within that which supports true value in becoming one with All That Is.

For it is now that one must heed the call and step into the unknown with gratitude and trust that all is being watched over and monumental change is in the making,

Be a stepping stone that others may cross over. Ramp up the energies and place yourself among those who have chosen to be that which stretches out beyond eternity, beyond what is seen with the physical eye, to all the glory and peace that lies within oneself. 

Take a moment now to rest your eyes and be at peace knowing that all is well, and momentary fluctuations will occur to realign your awareness in keeping with your souls purpose. Stay the course, and call upon the unseen forces that can elevate and foster you into a new way of seeing things, creating a more palatable existence. 

And so my friends, we The Triumvirate encourage you on to new fields of possibilities opening doors to All That Is.

Strengthen your resolve and step into all that awaits you.