Keep Shining Your Light

In the process of creating an abundance of light flow with the energy as it morphs you into greater fields of possibilities, it is not unusual to make changes on the path in order for one to seek higher expression. In keeping with the embodiment structure and in order to enhance what is already in motion, tap into more of an awareness of being one with All That Is.

So to state this very clearly, we are imparting this message in order to ascertain the depths that can be reached simply by putting yourself in a more palatable environment in which to create.

Seek the truth in all you do, forfeiting nothing. Face the dragon, challenge yourself. As the old saying goes, one has not come this far to give up now.

Stimulation occurs within the senses creating static. Deepen your resolve to be at peace, let go of old structures, let bygones be bygones. Stretch out into eternity/eternal grace, fostering fields of gratitude. Surrender to that which is in the present moment. Declare with utmost sincerity a willingness to participate in this most joyous transcendent experience.

Make way, it is coming, the force field of energy intertwined with cosmic rays fueled with synchronicities, carrying multitudes beyond the macrocosm of delusion.

Keep shining your light. We stand with you always.