Tumultuous Times Ahead

Tumultuous times ahead. Stand within your knowing. Trickle down effect. There are those caught in a web of deceit.

You are being led by inefficient leaders who are, with their egregious behavior, creating bombastic rules. Trump cannot sustain his peak. He will forfeit his presidency, maintaining he can’t withstand the scrutiny. This will create an uproar. This is a catalyst, there will be more to follow. There is so much planning, so much conniving, and constant abatement. A correction is needed.

This is secondary to none - a monolithic structure of society. Masterminds at work. A pandora’s box will be opened.

Kt - What should or can we do?

Steadier times are ahead through the correction.

Kt - Will jobs be lost?

It depends upon the seemingly rapid changes.

Steer clear of falsehoods and derisions. It is all a mechanism to create fear.