Light Streams Across the Sky

Light streams across the sky, running rampant, issuing warnings to all who listen, making a difference in the molecular structure.

Indigo children fighting for their inherited knowledge of what’s to come.

Forces of light beings are traversing the airwaves, creating fire within.

With utmost grace, it is time now to reap the benefits of your innate abilities, capturing cosmic potential, starting with opening a field of service to bring about ways of anchoring to that which promotes meaning within the matrix.

Touch upon the miraculous by being a star of light amongst the many that are traversing through minefields, unknowing of the future.

It is becoming a most harmonious time within the cosmos. Witness all before you with eyes of wisdom, seeking only the good within yourself and others.

Collaborate instinctually with those who seek the truth, fostering relationships and guiding them home to a new reality.