Discovering the Self

Congratulations to all of you that have chosen to open your hearts and minds to All That Is. In becoming one with All That Is, you partake on a journey of self-discovery and above all a most invaluable accommodation to one’s being.

Feeling bogged down in the density, can stop the flow of intelligent manifestation from creating ways to that which begins the first steps, to becoming one with the Universe.

In tapping into the universal flow, you find a most constructive way of continuing what is now considered to be pushing you forward to new horizons. We would hope that most of you have at this point, begun to see, that thinking one’s way through day-to-day life will no longer suffice in bringing one’s awareness to the possibilities at hand. As you stand among those who have come before you, reap the benefits of their accomplishments.

It is strange that one thinks the universe is only a macrocosm of a non-reality to befit one’s own wishes. With this thinking, what can one expect? It is only through complete understanding that one can perceive the totality of his existence. Here is a quick analogy of this thought. If one were to become a scapegoat on the path that’s chosen, it is akin to scraping by, by being put in a place of predicament that will take one to a much needed place of observation, so one can facilitate a way to bring about the change that is needed within one’s self.