Seeing Things in a New Way

We would like to help you see things in a new way. For instance, becoming adept at life’s situations, to create and manifest from a place of knowing and being one with the Universe.

In order to bring about any change, one must be in awareness of what motivates his actions, thus creating cause and effect. Simply put, what you put out there will come back to you.

If you are someone who doesn’t like hearing the truth, then this will not be of help to you. We can only attempt at starting a conversation that will heighten your awareness and become a basis for your everyday life.

So often people try to control the outcome of any given situation. Without meaning to they drive away the very thing that they were after. By trying too hard you leave no room for the creative process to take hold. So as you maneuver your way through everyday obstacles, try to look at the big picture and know that the Universal forces are at work.

How many among you believe that this universe was created to serve you rather than for you to serve? In one second of time, thought becomes a mirror to reflect that which superimposes itself on you. In effect you are creating your own version of things. For now let’s imagine you are caught in a web of your own making and wish to untangle yourself. Forcibly trying to make your way out will only entangle you more. By staying the course and allowing events to unfold, you take the burden off yourself. In maintaining a calm vigilance, you will free yourself from the way of working against the grain. So many of you put emphasis on what you find favorable rather than what works. Maintaining a clear idea of what station you’re in, station being what you are suited for, will serve you in the end.

As you continue in the process of unfolding the ways in which you can begin to create a more palatable existence, it will render itself in a way that makes sense to you. For every action you take there will be a moment of clarity that will transform itself in making a decision of quiet momentum. For every way that you transform in action, a reaction occurs to propel you forward. In fact, we assure you that as you begin to walk towards this momentum, there will be aspects that will continue to interact with All That Is.

In being one with All That Is, you are staking a claim that is yours beyond the ordinary senses, beyond what is known on the surface. Standing in front of you is all you desire to manifest and all that one is capable of freeing in this lifetime.

Step aside and let the process begin to unfold in its enormity. For as you become one with the Self that is calling you forward, the way becomes clear, and you find yourself among those who have chosen to witness the becoming of a soul in remembrance of a truth that is always and forever.