Follow the Road to Peace and Tranquility

To create from all the possibilities at hand, one must endure the false realities.

In bringing one’s attention to All That Is, one can begin on a journey of self awareness. Reap the benefits of self reflection, looking inward to where the truth lies. Don’t pretend to be someone other than you are. Find the immortal (eternal) presence that is beckoning you forward. Commit to following the road to peace and tranquility. Don’t be thrown off by detours, get back on the path.

Striving can negate, or nullify, what you are trying to achieve. Striving measures a distance of non-reality, which is something not yet known. “Once I get this, or do that, or be this”. Practice vigilance in staying with the present. Stay focused in the moment. Trust and allow things to unfold. Don’t stay mired in the muck.

Continue to stand in the knowing of being one with All That Is. Maintain a flow of integrity and find the peace within. Free the mind of all distortions that plague you. Do this by feeling the energy source within and touching the greatness of the Universe. It is within one’s power to witness God’s creation and triumph over any falsehood’s of the mind.

Believe in your true essence and capture the glory of all that exists within you for all time eternal. You are being guided by forces unseen. What you want already exists. It is transparent once you uncover what is not real and see the now before you.

We are, we are The Triumvirate, and we carry this message of truth to all.