Pump Up the Volume!

Now that one has seen the state that the world is in, it is time to pump up the volume and make some noise.

Remaining stationary within a field creates a lingering atmosphere and therefore stagnates the momentum. In other words, sitting idly by and waiting for it all to change is like waiting for a bus that never comes. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Why not engage with your community instead of shutting yourself up inside, figuratively and literally, and be the change that you wish to see?

Trim the fat. Is acquiring more and more going to bring about the change that is needed?

Step out of yourself and be the keeper of the flame. Bring meaning into your existence by promoting goodwill.

What do you stand for? Be a conduit for change. It all starts with each of you. It is within reach if you will heed the call. Strap on your boots and march to a different drummer.

We are , we are The Triumvirate, sending you lightwaves of love and fortifying you with these transmissions.